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Evanescent by Atelier Sisu

Evanescent bubble installation
Two women taking a picture of bubble installation
Evanescent bubble installation

Evanescent is an immersive, light and sound temporary pavilion-esque environment. Ephemeral is an artwork driven by the forces and natural occurrences within the changing world around us. The use of dichroic film creates the illusion of the bubble-like form. The theme chosen for the form of the sculpture wasintended to be a universal and self-explanatory concept that could be truly inclusive; by choosing to emulate the “magic” of bubbles, we appeal to their universal playfulness and joy we felt as kids. Conceptually, the work encourages the audience to consider the world around them as a space of transience and fragility, like that of a bubble. This exhibit is originally from Australia, and is currently being transported from their recent shows in Taiwan, Lithuania, and Athens, Greece. This is their first US appearance!

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