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Katie Allen - Photo of fiber art hat on a stand
Katie Allen
Lifted Millinery
Clay Bush - Photo of a purse
Clay Bush
Salvage Goods
Photo collage of handmade clothing by Rustic Passport Studio
Nikki C
Rustic Passport Studio
Ruben Corzo - Photo of fiber art necklace
Ruben Corzo
Mark Craven - Photo of fiber art wall hanging
Mark Craven
Pops and Momma Rose Art
Paula Dijkema - Photo of fiber art doll
Paula Dijkema
Elizabeth Hipps - Photo of fiber art tie dyed napkins
Elizabeth Hipps
Lilly & Remains
Liz Kruckemeyer - Photo of fiber art novelty
Liz Kruckemeyer
It's the Fuzz
Katherine McDaniel - Photo of fiber art macrame plant holder
Katherine McDaniel
Bella Ruth Co
Kendra Russo - Photo of fiber art shirt
Kendra Russo
Found and Foraged Fibers
Iliyana Skrobanska - Photo of fiber art fish
Iliyana Skrobanska
Tabitha Thomas - Photo of woman wearing silk scarf
Tabitha Thomas
Astoria Designs
Noelia Torres - Photo of a purse
Noelia Torres
Bixi awotan
Knitted sweater by VKitty Knitty
VKitty Knitty
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