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Andy Adams- Painting of a lightbulb with WATT letters surrounding
Andy Adams
Dan Bi - Painting of landscape with pond
Dan Bi
Dan Bi Fine Paper-cutting Art
Pete Borsay - Abstract painting
Pete Borsay
Red Rabbit Prints Studio
Obie Coleman - Painting of Beyonce and JZ
Obie Coleman
LJ Eidolon - Painting of a water landscape
LJ Eidolon
Amy Friend- Drawing of 2 birds holding a red string
Amy Friend
Katie Hayes - Cut paper image of a girls with gears and flowers in her head
Katie Hayes
New South Pattern House
Jenny Henley - Photo of an old school tape recorder
Jenny Henley
Henley Studios
Marirosa Hofmann - Painting of a bird
Marirosa Hofmann
Marirosa Fine Art
Leif Johansen - Surrealism painting of a cat-giraffe
Leif Erik Johansen
Lisa Keys - Collage showing a typewriter and birds
Lisa Keys
Wallflower Art by Lisa Marie
Jesse Kunerth - Painting of an African American woman with type to left
Jesse Kunerth
Dose Creative
Michelle McDowell Smith - Collage showing a fox
Michelle McDowell Smith
Paul Nikitchenko - Painting of waterway with lilly pads
Paul Nikitchenko
VNP Gallery
Erica Parsons
Parsons People
John Paul - Illustration of a snow man holding a swing with a little girl on it
John Paul
Fuzzy Ink
Michael Paul - Surrealism painting of a cat
Michael Paul
Vladimir Vitkovsky - 2D paper and mixed media of people in a boat
Vladimir Vitkovsky
Charles Williams - Cut paper image of a man holding a shoe
Charles Williams
Spread Love Studio
Richard Wilson - Painting of a African American boy and girl
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson Fine Arts & Graphics, Inc.
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