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Artsplosure is a rain or shine event. The festival is on as scheduled to open at 11am
Robin Anne Cooper - Cut out paper picture of an arm chair with two ravens on it
Robin Anne Cooper
Robin Anne Cooper
Joe Cordaro - Vintage pen and ink of a woman in evening attire
Joe Cordaro
Michelle DeFillipo - Painting of a desk
Michelle DeFillipo
vintage girl designs
Amy Friend - Painting of two birds wrapped in red string
Amy Friend
John Furches - Painting of a Carolina wrens on reeds and grasses
John Furches
Katie Hayes - Black pen and ink work of herons and plants
Katie Hayes
New South Pattern House
Marirosa Hofmann - painting of yellow bird on branch with flowers
Marirosa Hofmann
Marirosa Fine Art
Leif Erik Johansen - Surrealism painting of a man with a bird's head doing yoga
Leif Johansen
Leif Erik Johansen
Kathleen Kelly - Painting of John Lennon
Kathleen Kelly
Kathleen Kelly Creates
Lisa Keys - Painting of typewriter with birds and flowers
Lisa Keys
WallFlower Art Boutique
Brian Kuehn - Painting of a man plowing a field with horses
Brian Kuehn
Jesse Kunerth - Surrealism painting of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat
Jesse Kunerth
Dose Creative
Corneille Little - Painting of a turtle and jelly fish
Corneille Little
Raleigh Art Studio
Lance MacKenzie - Heart made of clock parts
Lance MacKenzie
Kathleen Master - Metal wall art
Kathleen Master
Migdalia Pace - Painting of a mermaid wearing a t-shirt
Migdalia Pace
Michael Paul - Painting of a snow monster smelling flowers
Michael Paul
Leslie Peebles - Painting of a bird at the edge of the water
Leslie Peebles
Cristiana Rioli - Abstract painting in blues, orange, and gray
Cristiana Rioli
Maureen Seltzer - Painting of a parrot
Maureen Seltzer
Seltzers Art
Nataliya Strumila - White rose with stamen
Nataliya Strumila
Art Island
Alan Walshe - Metal birds on driftwood
Alan Walshe
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L Jamal Walton - Black, red, and blue stars with geometric lines
L Jamal Walton
Richard Wilson - Painting of a African American boy holding a guitar
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson Fine Arts & Graphics, Inc.
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