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Carl Crawford Other 2D men playing jazz and a woman singing

Carl Crawford
CMC Fine Arts
Columbia, SC

Diane French Other 2D impressionism of sky

Diane French
Diane French Studios
Saint Augustine, FL

Amy Friend Other 2D bird with long red string in mouth

Amy Friend
amy Draws
Raleigh, NC

John Furches Other 2D hummingbirds eating nectar

John Furches
Elkin, NC

Bobby Goldsmith Other 2D black and white painting of sail boat at night with full moon

Bobby Goldsmith
Red Creek Studios
Perkinston, MS

Deana Goldsmith Other 2D painting of items on a desk with a bird on a pencil

Deana Goldsmith
Red Creek Studios
Perkinston, MS

John Goodyear Other 2D State of North Carolina made of NC license plates

John Goodyear
Hero Dog Design
Morrisville, NC

Leif Johansen Other 2D 2 ostrich-tigers

Leif Johansen
Leif Erik Johansen
Asheville, NC

Brian Kuehn Other 2D 2 men playing guitar

Brian Kuehn
Brian Kuehn Studio
Pisgah Forest, NC

Eric Leland Other 2D book art

Eric Leland
Baltimore, MD

Michelle McDowell Smith Other 2D Collage of a llama

Michelle McDowell-Smith
Jacksonville, FL

Michelle Prahler Other 2D surrealism of a tree and two steer laying under it

Michelle Prahler
Decatur, GA

Jody Rankin Other 2D painting of fish in purple water

Jody Rankin
Local Coastal Studio
Awendaw, SC

Kendra Runnels Other 2D painting of a girl releasing butterflies

Kendra Runnels
Kendra Studios, Inc.
Augusta, GA

Jason Thomas Other 2D cartoon sloth hanging from branch

Jason Thomas
Red Rocket Farm
Austell, GA

Richard Wilson Other 2D boy standing in front of wood fence with boxing gloves

Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson Fine Arts & Graphics, Inc.
Greenville, NC

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