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Amy Carstensen Painting abstract reds, oranges, black, and white

Amy Carstensen
Tampa, FL

Tanya Casteel Watercolor of a bear in bright pink, yellow, blue, purple, and black

Tanya Casteel
Cosmic Animal Paintings
Asheville, NC

Kevin Chen Painting of a mountainous region with vegetation and fog

Kevin Chen
AC Art Inc.
Cary, NC

Claire Cormany Painting impressionism of sky and treeline

Claire Cormany
Claire Cormany Paintings
Birmingham, AL

Daphne Covington Painting abstract in reds, pinks, yellows, and aqua

Daphne Covington
Smyrna, GA

Lauren deSerres Colorful painting of a bee on dark blue background

Lauren deSerres
Proud Chicken Studio
Pittsboro, NC

John Elliott Painting of a bee

John Elliott
Zendustria Studios, LLC
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Deona Fish Painting of trees, hills, and blue sky with sun in wooden frame

Deona Fish
Asheville, NC

King Godwin Painting of a fish

King Godwin
orange elephant art
Raleigh, NC

Leslie Kelly Painting of an eastern blue bird

Leslie Kelly
Leslie Kelly Acrylics
Holly Springs, NC

Chelsea Lang Impressionist Painting of an African woman

Chelsea Lang
Chelsea Lang Fine Art
Raleigh, NC

Matthew Myers Painting of a vast expanse of land with mountains in background and a bicycle in foreground on road

Matthew Myers
Fatheart Galleries
Chapel Hill, NC

Paul Nikitchenko Vibrant painting of a waterway with lily pads and trees in the background

Paul Nikitchenko
Wilmington, NC

Adrienne Oates Painting city skyline with grass running into white

Adrienne Oates
Adrienne Oates Art
Durham, NC

Phillip Singer Painting surrealism of a purple space with a frog and turtle sitting in an indent in the wall with a flower, snail, and dragon fly surrounding them

Phillip Singer
Singer Phill
New Britain, PA

Eric Sweet Watercolor of white tail buck with antlers

Eric Sweet
Holly Springs, NC

Zan Thompson watercolor of a residential street with houses and electric cables

Zan Thompson
Zan Thompson, LLC
Conover, NC

Ken Vrana Painting of a busy highway interchange

Ken Vrana
Ken Vrana Art
Cary, NC

Qing Wang Photo-realistic Painting of a moose

Qing Wang
Qing’s Fine Art
Cary, NC

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